our Vision

Axiom Vision Statement

Our vision is to live our mission statement and core values. We are a highly regarded, award-winning company with a world-class image.

Our objective is to control the primary commercial flooring market. To be true to this vision, we only select projects on which we have a meaningful impact. We do not settle for anything less than excellence in every aspect of the company.

We have the intregrity to admit when we're wrong and the courage to change when necessary. Regardless of who is in a particular position, our cohesiveness as a company make these values uncompromising.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our Pledge is to provide extraordinary customer service, quality workmanship and establish long lasting relationships with our clients by gaining their trust through performance by every dedicated member of our team.

Our Values

Axiom's Core Values and Guiding Principals

Every aspect of the make-up Axiom is held to a higher-than-normal standard. It's what makes Axiom the leader in specialized flooring. This is what we're made of

When you build upon the above pillars and build the long-lasting relationships, your flooring project will render successful every time. Start with quality, complete with excellence.

meet our team

Dwaine Kinsey


Michael Ansari

Vice President

Sam Sharif

Project Manager

Services & Products

Premium Skilled Services to complete your flooring project

The list below is just a handful of the services and products that Axiom offers. If there is something not listed that you are interested in, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Wyoming City Schools

Kathy Ryan
Owner's Representative


Monarch Construction

Thomas P. Butler